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Full Version:https://store.steampowered.com/app/1008060/The_HARDEST_BrickBreaker/

This is a very special brick-breaking game!  You can rotate the baffle or hit balls to make the balls resist gravity to break the annoying bricks. The bricks will also move around and try them best to annoy you! This game will definitely bring you the most crazy brick-breaking experience!

There are the following differences from traditional BrickBreaker!

    *The balls here will be affected by gravity, use your baffle to hit them hard and make them fly higher!

    *The direction of the balls also depends on you, rotate the baffle to control the angle of reflection of the ball!

    *Bricks will also fall! Don't try to play slowly!

    *Bricks will move around to avoid your attacks, try to preview them!

    *There will be an special brick which can create everything waiting for you at the last level!

When you are skilled, I prepared a time challenge for you! Challenge your limits and break all the bricks in the shortest time!


BrickBreaker_Demo.zip 24 MB

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